Muneera Pilgrim is an international Poet, Cultural Producer, Writer, Broadcaster and TEDx  speaker.

She co-founded the Muslim Hip-Hop and spoken word duo Poetic Pilgrimage, and she is a  co-founder of a new platform, Black Muslim Women Bike.

She conducts workshops, shares art, lectures, and finds alternative ways to tell stories, build community and exchange ideas. 

She regularly contributes to BBC 2’s Pause for Thought, she is a community artist-researcher, with IBT a mental health development worker and an alumni associate artist with The English Touring Theatre where she is working on her first play. Muneera first full poetry collection will be released late 2021 with Burning Eye books.

As a freelance writer, Muneera has written for The Guardian, Amaliah, Huffington Post, The Independent, Al Jazeera Blog, Black Ballard and various other digital and print platforms. She has been featured across the BBC network including BBC News, as well as Sky News, Sky Arts, Al Jazeera, and various other television channels. In 2015 a documentary about her former group Poetic Pilgrimage was commissioned by Al Jazeera, “Hip-Hop Hijabis” has been screened several times since.

Muneera holds an MA in Islamic studies where she focused on Black British pathways to spirituality, migration, gender and race. She holds a second MA in Women’s Studies, where she focused on the intersection of faith and spirituality, race, gender, autoethnography and methodologies of empowerment for non-centred people. Her innovation in her work won her The Ann Kaloski-Naylor Award for Adventurous Academic Writing.

Muneera considers Poetry as a methodology for exploring humans and is concerned with telling alternative stories. She colourfully etches a poetic space of dialogue which is accessible to all regardless cultural boundaries. Rooted in spirituality she uses communication and art for edification and change. 

If she were asked to describe herself in three words, she would say ‘Just Getting Started’. 

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